Steiner Ceramic Triangle Plate

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The kowhai is undoubtedly New Zealand’s most beautiful tree.  It is regarded by most New Zealanders as the national flower.  It has feathery leaves and pendulous flowers borne in great profusion. 

Fantail. The bird tri-plate is inspired by the native fantail (Piwakawaka) of New Zealand and captures the flitting friendly nature of the cheeky fantail.

Tui. Tūī (Prosthemadera novaeseelandiae) are common throughout New Zealand in forests, towns and on off-shore islands. They are adaptable and are found in native forests, bush reserves and bush remnants and also in suburban areas, particularly in winter if there is a flowering gum about.  Tui are attractive birds with a distinctive white tuff at their throat and metallic blue-green sheen contrasting dramatically with their underlying black colour.  Tuis can be heard singing their beautiful melodies similar to the Bellbird.

 Pohutukawa. Pohutukawa is known as the New Zealand Christmas tree. Its flowers are crimson to brilliant-red during December and January.  It is distributed by the coast or the lake shore